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Himalaya Face Sheet Mask

Brief: Himalaya, a leading manufacturer in science-based herbal products, introduced a new product in the skincare category: a serum-based face sheet mask. This innovative product came in five variants— Mulethi, Strawberry, Edelweiss and Blueberry—covering all skin type requirements. The face sheet masks are infused with Hyaluronic Acid, a plant-based brightening active/serum that provides radiance and nourishes the skin. Himalaya’s face sheet masks offer the ultimate solution for beautiful radiant skin with a natural glow. They instantly brighten the skin, revealing a glowing complexion.

Expectation: Himalaya wanted to identify the need gap and position the sheet mask as a must-use product to fulfill that gap. They aimed to encourage females to incorporate the sheet mask as part of their daily skincare routine. As it was a completely new product in the category, the challenge was to ensure acceptance and correct usage, thereby ensuring the product’s sustainable and prosperous future. Therefore, the brand had basic expectations of raising awareness, educating users about the new product and its benefits, promoting consistent usage, and creating a buzz among the target audience.

Solution: Our team at Digital Vibes conducted market research and discovered a valuable insight: the female segment desired a booster for instant skin nourishment. Building upon this insight, the campaign was named ‘Reveal The Radiance.’ We collaborated with self-made/skincare/beauty/traveler influencers who encouraged individuals to spare just 15 minutes for filling the nourishment gap that occurs over the span of one week. This 15-minute period is sufficient for facial hydration, which tends to diminish over the course of a week. The campaign positioned the sheet mask as a booster shot type product that is easy to carry and use. We simply asked for 15 minutes once a week to address their complete skin issues.


  1. Digital Vibes suggested 10 macro-influencers, 20 micro-influencers and 20 nano-influencers from different genres such as skincare, beauty, travelers, dermatologists, and lifestyle bloggers. The campaign was scheduled for 2 months, during which we assigned a few influencers to the following initiatives:
    A. Weekending with Sheet Mask: They motivated users to utilize their weekends for a quick and easy skincare routine.
    B. AMA (Ask Me Anything): Influencers acted as spokespersons for face care and the brand, answering users’ skin related questions during live sessions.
    C. 15 Minutes to Radiance: Influencers shared their real-time situations, educating users about the product, creating awareness about different variants, and highlighting the need and benefits of using Himalaya sheet mask in just 15 minutes.
    D. Review + Demo: The influencers gave a demo of the product and provided honest reviews to their audience.
  2. Individual concepts and content were created to provide a personalized touch and establish trust in the brand.
  3. Our client servicing team worked closely with the production team and influencers to ensure the delivery of high-quality videos. Influencers traveled to different locations to showcase their real situations and create fun-filled videos.
  4. Videos were posted at optimal times, taking into consideration the maximum engagement rates for each individual influencer.
  5. The use of appropriate hashtags helped the campaign achieve its targets organically.


  1. We delivered beyond client’s estimated targets. Hopping figure of 3.7million views was achieved.
  2. Total likes were more than 182K.
  3. Positive emotion rating of 9.2/10 achieved.
  4. Influencers travelled to different destinations for making video lively and natural.
  5. Positive response and meaningful engagements of audience was noticed for Sheet mask which was entirely new product in face care.

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