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Brief: Dabur’s Fem gold bleach has the largest market share in Punjab in the skin whitening category. The youth-centric brand focuses on the golden glow achieved by a 15-minute application, making the user salon-ready for any event. However, Punjab is witnessing a sharp decline in bleach usage in general.

Expectation: In Punjab, Fem Gold Bleach aims to recapture the youth market by maintaining regular communication centered around the golden glow and being salon-ready. The brand wants to be an essential part of the getting-ready regime for any occasion, targeting the youth female audience who are working, studying, or preparing for a course by emphasizing price, result satisfaction, and an alternative to expensive parlor/salon treatments.

Solution: Digital Vibes conducted a focus group discussion among females aged 17-35 to understand their behavior towards bleach usage. Leveraging the wedding season in March, we capitalized on the opportunity and collaborated with influencers who discussed the anxiety of receiving sudden wedding invitations and the importance of being well-prepared.


  1. We handpicked a variety of 2 micro-influencers and 3 nano-influencers from diverse fields, including beauty experts, fashion influencers, and skincare specialists, who shared their insights on the golden glow, time and cost-effectiveness, salon-like results, and budget-friendly options.
  2. The reel starts with an influencer receiving a wedding invitation that stresses her about her current looks. She recalls Fem Gold for an instant glow, talks about the procedure and mixing ratio, and finally showcases her confidently radiant look.
  3. We highlighted a visible before and after difference in the skin.
  4. Their expertise helped people make the right choice by choosing Dabur Fem.


  1. The campaign achieved a total reach of 2 million.
  2. The total views surpassed 1.3 million.
  3. Accumulated 32K+ likes.
  4. The campaign received a positive emotion rating of 9/10.
  5. The audience responded positively and engaged meaningfully.

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