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Brief: American Eagle, a renowned apparel company known for its reliability and quality, has designed jeans for girls that are stretchable, non-body-hugging, and incredibly comfortable. These jeans are so cozy that you can practically live in them. The stores were fully stocked to ensure that no one faces the inconvenience of unavailability. Now, it’s time to create a buzz!

Expectation: The American Eagle team was seeking an influencer marketing campaign to effectively reach out to a relevant female audience and create an aura around comfortable denim. They aim to convey a crystal clear message about their newly launched jeans, which are designed to fit every body type, cater to every profession, and suit every occasion.

Solution: Our team at Digital Vibes had short discussion sessions with a few girls and derived an insight that “Gen Z girls are busy with everyday plans filled up with multiple activities. In a day, they move from one place to another for work, party, pleasure, passion, peace, etc. They wish to carry a carefree attitude all day long.” Taking this forward, the campaign was titled “Make a Move.”


  1. We handpicked a variety of micro- and nano-influencers from diverse fields, including dancers, hula-hoopers, fitness gurus, and yoga specialists, who contributed their insights on sturdiness, flexibility, comfort, and fit. Their expertise helped people “Make a Move” with them.
  2. The concept of “Are you ready to make a move?” engaged with the audience and encouraged followers to showcase their own moves.
  3. “Smart fit for a smart generation who loves to engage with their gameplay” was the overall deep message.
  4. All videos were music-based, and absolutely no supporting dialogues were used to convey the message.
  5. Our client servicing team worked closely with the production team and influencers to ensure the delivery of high-quality videos. Influencers traveled to different locations to showcase real situations and create fun-filled videos.
  6. Videos were posted at optimal times, considering the maximum engagement rates for each individual influencer.


  1. We are proud to have achieved 360k+ views for the “Make a Move” campaign.
    2.18k organic likes set a good benchmark.
  2. An organic reach of 143k was achieved.
  3. The overall campaign targeted 365.4k followers by utilizing 5 influencers from 5 diverse fields.
  4. We achieved a positive emotion rating of 9.4/10.

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