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Real Fruit Juice

Brief: Real’s Fruit juice leads the market in India with a 43.5% share. It is the single largest brand in the Dabur Foods category. During their 2022 market research, they observed a shift in audience preference towards the 200 ml tetra pack available chilled over the counter, rather than the 1-litre tetrapack in the North Zone region (Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi). In the summer, the 200ml pack is mostly consumed by health-conscious youth at the store as a single-use pack, as it is made from real fruit, chilled, and disposable, eliminating storage concerns.

Expectations: The regional team of Real fruit juices wanted the audience to shift back to the 1-litre pack, as it caters to multiple users in a single household. Additionally, the brand team wanted buyers to purchase multiple variants of juices (1-litre: mixed, orange, guava, apple, litchi) in a single purchase. They aimed to re-establish trust among mothers that they are buying the goodness of real fruits in the 1-litre pack. The Dabur brand team was also looking to increase the consumption of Real fruit Juice by introducing new and trendy occasions/recipes that include juices.

Solution: After numerous brainstorming sessions between the Digital Vibes team and the Dabur brand team, we finalized the strategy of “Day-long hydration with the goodness of real fruit juice.” We showcased that a glass of real juice with breakfast is enough for day-long hydration for everyone who steps out of the home during summers, including husbands/wives going to the office, kids going to school, and elders going about their daily chores. We also suggested promoting increased juice consumption by showcasing how one can make lounge-mocktails with Real juices to enhance house parties and pool parties.


  1. Our own AI-based influencer software, Digital Vibes, carefully selected 8 mom influencers with kids under 8 years of age. We also selected a 7-year-old kid chef famous in the Rajasthan region to demonstrate easy recipes.
  2. We handpicked 2 mom influencers based on their party attitude, house aesthetics, and social circle posts.
  3. Mom influencers shot videos with family members sitting together at the dining table for breakfast. Healthy breakfast items like sandwiches, dry fruits, and poha were placed along with a glass of Real fruit juice. Each member at the table participated in the video, showcasing their personal favorite variants available in the 1-litre pack and glass. The mother, as the overall in-charge responsible for everyone’s health and nutrition at home, had her concerns and dilemmas about hydration during summer and nutrition resolved by Real Fruit Juices.
  4. For fruit-based mocktails, influencers carefully selected bar accessories and mocktail glasses suitable for their in-house/pool party theme. They demonstrated Guava-tini and Orange Mojito using the 1-litre pack, highlighting the ease, simplicity, taste, final look and feel to encourage users to try them out.
  5. Special emphasis was placed on the message of “the power of 4 pieces of fruits in a glass, which is sufficient for day-long hydration.” Mothers were shown trusting the brand for their family members’ nutrition.


  1. We exceeded the client’s estimated targets, achieving an impressive figure of 8.5 million views.
  2. The total number of likes exceeded 125K, and the total number of followers surpassed 1.5 million.
  3. Out of the 8 videos, 3 went viral, with more than 2 million views each within 3 days.
  4. We achieved a positive emotion rating of 9.8/10.
  5. The audience responded positively and engaged meaningfully.
  6. The mocktail recipes received high appreciation from the audience.

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