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Brief: In 2022, after 21 years, India achieved victory in the renowned Mrs. World pageant. Mrs. Sargam Kaushal, a woman from Jammu, won the title, etching her name in history. The Dabur regional team sought to collaborate with Sargam and feature 6 Dabur products – Honey, Real juice, Fem gold, Amla Hair oil, Chyawanprash, and Gulabari Rose water – which had been part of Sargam’s journey.

Expectation: The aim was to create a natural home video seamlessly incorporating the brand and products, delivering a powerful message to inspire Dabur users that one of them had become Mrs. World. The motivational video was intended to reinforce trust in Dabur.

Solution: The proposed concept, “Our Dabur Family,” involved Mrs. Sargam expressing gratitude to the Almighty, her family, friends, and Dabur for her success. As Dabur is a trusted household partner in India, Sargam considered herself a part of the Dabur family, relying on their products for body care, face care, and hair care.


  1. Mrs. Sargam’s video was shot in a natural setup, exuding her serene and composed demeanor. The video showcased a day in Sargam’s life, her routines, and her unwavering use of Dabur products, without skipping a day, concluding with her evening rituals.
  2. Key elements in the video included highlighting her values, beliefs, trust, and absolute satisfaction.
  3. The video was shared through different micro and nano influencers’ accounts, emphasizing that one of them had become Mrs. World and encouraging others to learn from Sargam’s disciplines and rituals to prepare for pageant competitions.
  4. The video portrayed her trust in an Indian brand for body care, hair care, and skin care, maintaining an authentic “Desi” feel.


  1. The video achieved 4 million views from the accounts of 4 influencers.
  2. The total reach amounted to 6.1 million.
  3. The video evoked a positive emotion rating of 9.8/10.
  4. The campaign generated 78k comments and 3.7k shares.
  5. The audience responded positively and engaged meaningfully.

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