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Brief: Simon Carter is a British fashion design company specializing in men’s accessories and menswear. It operates under the umbrella of the Aditya Birla Group as a foreign brand, with a joint venture for operations, logistics, and sales in India. The brand caters to an upper-class audience with high spending power on clothes and accessories. Simon Carter was ready to launch its Spring Summer 2023 collection, named ‘Long Island Linens.’ The goal was to convey a clear-cut message that the collection is bright, vibrant, fresh, and colorful, drawing inspiration from the beautiful Amalfi coast. The highlighter fabric was chosen for its perfect suitability for summers, providing the utmost comfort with the finest linens. The collection showcases quirky prints, reflecting the essence of summer in the signature Simon Carter style. The versatile collection can be paired in multiple ways, allowing for both casual and dressy looks. Get summer-ready with Simon Carter!

Expectation: The Simon Carter brand team aimed to increase social engagement and interactions, as well as drive traffic to Simon Carter stores using a call-to-action (store locator). The main objective was to build brand awareness in order to strengthen the brand’s image. The influencer marketing campaign was designed to align with the brand’s persona: premium, statement apparel with a touch of quirkiness, fashion-forward, cheerful, and humorous.

Solution: At Digital Vibes, we conducted secondary research with the target audience in SEC A to understand their buying behavior. We found that our target group was familiar with the brand name. The insight, “Just have fun and smile! Simon Carter is the most interesting and fun brand out there,” was carried forward, and the campaign was named “Be Summer Ready with Simon Carter.”


  1. Kush Jotwani was handpicked due to his significant number of followers from the A+ audience in both Delhi and Mumbai.
  2. Kush visited the Simon Carter store and tried on different attires. He carefully selected mix-and-match clothes with suitable accessories. The storyline revolved around Kush hosting a pool party and wanting the perfect attire for the occasion.
  3. He displayed fun, humor, and quirkiness through his actions, showcasing the comfiest and quirkiest styles for Instagram-worthy party pictures.
  4. Attention to detail was given during the shooting process, ensuring that the prints and Simon Carter logo on shirts, trousers, and belts were clear and prominent in the execution.


  1. The campaign achieved a total of 36k views.
  2. It garnered 1200 likes and comments.
  3. The campaign received a positive emotion rating of 8.7/10.
  4. The collection successfully reached the target audience.

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