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Laal Tail Mother’s day

Brief: Dabur’s Baby Care vertical encompasses three products under the Laal Tail portfolio: Laal Tail, a massage oil for bone strengthening; Janamghuti, an immunity-boosting solution; and Gripe water, a remedy for colic issues in toddlers. The goal is to promote these three products on Mother’s Day 2023. The central focus should be on Dabur Laal Tail, followed by Janamghuti and Gripe water.

Objective: Dabur’s brand team aims to establish trust between Laal Tail and mothers. Recognizing that new mothers prioritize their child’s well-being, they want to highlight the strong connection between mothers and their mindful choice of Dabur Laal products for their baby’s health.

Solution: The campaign revolves around the hashtag #MaaHaiTohLaalHai, where Dabur Laal Tail honors mothers who give their all for their children. The campaign aims to visually showcase the profound love, care, concern, and connection mothers have while showcasing the effective results achieved through Dabur Laal products.


  1. Four mothers were chosen as influencers, each with children aged 5-9 months. The video content addressed common concerns of mothers, providing solutions through Dabur Laal products, and featuring joyful moments between mother and child.
  2. The videos highlighted different concerns like underweight issues, immunity, lactose stomach problems, and sensitivity. The tone ensured relatability between mothers by tapping into shared emotions.
  3. The benefits of each child resulting from the mother’s dedication were emphasized.
  4. The client servicing team collaborated closely with the production team and influencers to ensure high-quality video production. Influencers captured authentic situations in various locations to create engaging and enjoyable videos.
  5. Posting times were optimized for maximum engagement based on individual influencer accounts.


  1. The videos collectively garnered 1.8 million views from the accounts of four influencers.
  2. The campaign achieved a total reach of 3.1 million.
  3. Positive emotions scored 9.4 out of 10.
  4. The campaign generated 12.7k comments and 4.7k shares.
  5. The audience engaged positively and meaningfully with the content.

Overall, the campaign effectively utilized influencer marketing to resonate with mothers, highlight the benefits of Dabur Laal products, and achieve significant engagement and reach on social media.

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