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Dabur Honey

Brief: Dabur Honey as a brand was facing usage challenge off lately in Punjab region. During covid times, Honey was consumed by many in the name of immunity building but post covid honey usage dropped suddenly.

Three major problems were identified..

  1. People were less concerned about immunity
  2. No customer loyalty. Consumers shifted brand to brand in order to taste and experience Honey variants.
  3. Honey was considered as messy food.


    Dabur was looking for solutions in Punjab Region. They wanted to make Honey an integral part of Punjabi households resulting in boosted sales.


    Digital Vibes came up with the idea of showcasing Honey as best, tasty and healthy alternative for sugar, promoting healthy and long life without compromising on taste. Hence GUILTFREE TASTY LASSI with Dabur Honey. “ Sehat wali Lassi”
  4. Now we had to induce Honey in Punjabi households, hence we replaced sugar as an ingredient in Lassi with Honey. Mithi Punjabi Lassi is liked and consumed by 99.9% Punjabis. It has cultural and traditional association in our designated region. As a team we all made Lassi with honey at home and offered to known ones for feedback. After positive feedback we were convinced to take this idea forward.
  5. Honey lassi will taste better only when honey is pure. Therefore, Asli Honey, Dabur Honey is best for making lassi as it is raw, pure and 100% natural.
  6. As we wanted to focus on dripping of Honey from bottle, we promoted the Dabur Honey Squeezy pack. Squeezy pack is a mess free packaging with prominent dripper and is easy to handle and store. Also, it comes with an offer of buy 1 get 1 free which attracted many freeloaders.

  7. Digital Vibes suggested 9 Punjab centric famous influencers like Upasana Singh (Actress), Harpreet Brar (Cricketer), Rishabh and Kritika (Power couple), Ishmeet (Body Builder) along with few known Mom bloggers.
  8. Individual concepts and content were created for a personalized touch and also to establish trust over the brand.
  9. Regional aesthetics were used to associate it with Punjab like using Patiala Glass, dressing with dry fruits and kesar, attire of the influencer, background and punches in between scripts.
  10. Videos were posted at the right time keeping in mind the maximum engagement rate as per the influencers, individually.
  11. Right hashtags and tags helped campaign to achieve targets organically.

  12. 3 videos achieved 1 million + views within 48 hours of posting
  13. Campaign achieved 50 million impressions combining all genres.
  14. Harpreet Brar, Cricketer received comments from Indian Cricket Team current players who are Insta verified.
  15. Positive emotion rating of 8.8 achieved.
  16. Users tried “Sehat wali lassi recipe and posted positive comments along with pictures and videos.
  17. Digital vibes delivered CPV of 0.12, lowest of all Dabur campaigns so far.

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