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June 21, 2023

Top  Skincare companies utilising influencer marketing most effectively

Influencer marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways for brands to connect with their target market in the era of social media. As businesses become more aware of the influencers’ role in promoting their goods, there has been a notable increase in influencer partnerships in the skincare sector in particular. 

Let’s explore the top Indian skincare companies that have leveraged influencer marketing most effectively, thereby establishing a strong online presence and gaining customer trust.


Mamaearth is a well-known Indian skincare brand that has gained immense popularity through influencer marketing. They collaborate with mommy bloggers, beauty enthusiasts, and lifestyle influencers who vouch for their range of toxin-free and natural skincare products. Mamaearth’s partnership with influencers has helped them expand their reach and build a loyal customer base.  


Plum is another Indian skincare brand that has successfully utilized influencer marketing. They work with a diverse range of beauty influencers and bloggers to promote their vegan and cruelty-free products. Plum’s collaborations with influencers have effectively showcased the quality and efficacy of their skincare line, resonating with their target audience. 

Nykaa Skincare:

Nykaa, a leading beauty retailer in India, ventured into the skincare segment with its own line of products. Nykaa Skincare has effectively utilized influencer marketing by partnering with both macro and micro-influencers in the beauty community. Their collaborations have generated buzz, leading to increased brand visibility and product sales.

WOW Skin Science:

WOW Skin Science, a brand known for its natural and holistic skincare products, has embraced influencer marketing to a great extent. By collaborating with lifestyle and wellness influencers, WOW has effectively communicated the benefits of their products, fostering trust and authenticity among their target audience.


Biotique, a well-established Ayurvedic skincare brand, has successfully integrated influencer marketing into its marketing strategy. They collaborate with influencers who align with their brand ethos and values, creating engaging content and sharing their personal experiences with Biotique’s products. This approach has helped Biotique reach a wider audience and build credibility.

Forest Essentials:       

Forest Essentials, a luxury Ayurvedic skincare brand, has effectively utilized influencer marketing to position themselves as a premium skincare option. By partnering with influencers who embody elegance and sophistication, Forest Essentials has showcased their products as a part of a luxurious self-care routine, appealing to their target demographic.

Kama Ayurveda:

Kama Ayurveda, another prominent Ayurvedic skincare brand, has harnessed the power of influencer marketing to build a strong online presence. They collaborate with beauty and wellness influencers who advocate for natural and organic skincare, amplifying the message of Kama Ayurveda’s authentic and high-quality products.

Himalaya Herbals:

Himalaya Herbals, a well-known brand in the Indian skincare sector, has used influencer marketing to keep up its reputation as a go-to source for natural and reasonably priced skincare products. By partnering with influencers who specialise in DIY projects and skincare cures. 

Above mentioned indian brands are making the most out of influencer marketing these days.

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